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Drug Substance

In general Drug Substance (API) process involves

A) Up Stream (Fermentation) and
B) Down Stream (Purification)

Batch and fed-batch (including high-density fed-batch) processes and the subsequent downstream purification processes can be developed by our highly-trained teams.

Varying scales for development activities can be conducted using standard platform techniques to meet customized processes for plasmid DNA, antibody fragments, large peptides and fusion and recombinant proteins.

Multiple Bioreactor scales and capacity includes 1 L, 3 L, 5 L and 10 L

  • Early stage (1 – 20 mg scale)
  • Small scale (20 – 1,000 mg scale)
  • Process integration (500 mg – 5 g scale)
  • Scale-up and pilot production (10 g– Kg scale)
  • Commercial Scale (10 Kg and Above)

Process Flow Drawings