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Drug Product


  • Both liquid and lyophilization formulation and fill
  • Both biologics and aqueous non-cytotoxic and non-antibiotic small molecule parenteral
  • Multiple validated container & closure configurations (2R, 6R, 8R, 10R, 14R, 20R and 50R)


  • Fully automated vial washing, depyrogenation, filling and capping line with Restricted Access Barrier system (RABs) from Bosch offering a capacity of from 3,000 to 12,000 vials per hour or 9,000 vials/batch (50R) up to 84,000 vials/batch (2R).
  • Tofflon10 square meter lyophilizer with fully automated loading/unloading, WIT and CIP/SIP offering capacity from 10,000 vials/batch (20R) to 40,400 vials/batch (2R)
  • Flexible small-scale sterile filling, up to 3000 vials per batch, with Nitrogen blanketing (Flexicon bench-top filling line)

Formulation Preparation

Layout of a single-use finish & fill set-up for vaccine applications

Filling Line

Freeze Drying